Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

“God,who wishes to dwell in us,can always be evicted by a single word of dismissal.And so it is important to consider the way to respond to God’s invitation —-which we cannot prevent,but can cut short.The first necessity of our cooperation with God is the consciousness that he who is present;the will to know him causes our recognition of his presence.If we lack this readiness to know him,we are like those who smell and perceive no fragrance,taste and know no sweetness,touch and enjoy no ecstasy.

~Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen~

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor”.

~Luke 4:18~

“Let us pray to the Lord that He may never permit us to shut the ears of our heart to His voice that he is speaking to us today”.

~St.Padre Pio~

“Then Mary said,”Here am I,the servant of the Lord;let it be with me according to your word”

~Luke 1:38~

“Jesus,Friend of a lonely heart,You are my haven,You are my peace….You are everything to a lonely soul.You understand the soul even though it remains silent.You know our weaknesses,and like a good physician,You comfort and heal,sparing us sufferings —expert that you are”

~Prayer of St.Faustina

“The spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him:a spirit of wisdom and of understanding.A spirit of counsel and of strength,a spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord,and his delight shall be the fear of the LORD.Not by appearance shall he judge,nor by hearsay shall he decide,But he shall judge the poor with justice,and decide fairly for the land’s afflicted”

~Isaiah 11:2-4~

Dear God, if there is anything I know about you, it is that you are love. You never cease to surround us with love—love that is eternal, gentle, faithful, and true. You ask only that we love you in return. Because this is beyond the limits of our human hearts, you have given us your beloved Son to love you for us. With Christ, I can say that I love you. Let me sing it with my whole being! Amen.

Ask God today to let you see how you fail to love someone with whom you are in daily contact. Ask for the grace to learn to love that person.

Morning Meditation 

🌞Morning Meditation🌝

Bad?Who says so?

What makes a thing bad?Well,here is a pencil.This is a good pencil because it does what it was made to do.It writes.Is it a good can opener?It certainly is not!

Suppose I use the pencil as a can opener.What happens?First of all,I do not open the can.Second,I destroy the pencil.

Now if I decide to do certain things with my body which I ought not to do,I do not attain the purpose for which I was created.For example,becoming an alcoholic does not make me happy.I destroy myself just as I destroyed the pencil in using it to open a can.

When I disobey God,I do not make myself very happy on the inside,and I certainly destroy any peace of soul I ought to have ~ Venerable Fulton J.Sheen~

God Bless those who obey Him;trust him for their happiness~Proverbs 16:20~