The Lady of Second Chances

A noble youth, named Eschylus, being
sent by the prince, his father, to Hildesheim, a city of Saxony, to study, abandoned himself to
a dissolute life. He fell ill, and was near dying, and while in that state he had a vision. He saw himself shut up in a furnace of fire, and believed himself to be already in hell; and then he escap- ed from it through a hole and took refuge in a great place, where he found the most holy Mary in the hall, and she said to him: “Rash man, do you dare to appear before me? Depart
from here and go to the flames which you
merit.” The young man besought the Virgin
to have mercy on him, and then turned to some persons who were near, and implored them to recommend him to Mary. They did so, and
the heavenly mother answered: “You do not know the sinful life he has led, and that he had not even yought of saying a Hail Mary in my
honor.” But his advocates answered: “Oh
Lady, he will change his life;” and the youth added: “Yes, I promise really to amend, and
I will be your servant.” Then the Virgin’s anger was appeased, and she said to him: “Well, I ac- cept your promise, be faithful to me, and mean- while with my blessing, be delivered from hell and death.” When she had said this, the Virgin disappeared. Eschylus came to himself, and blessing Mary, related to others the grace he
had received. He led ever after a holy life,
always preserving a great affection towards the blessed Virgin, and was made Archbishop of
the Church of Lude, in Denmark, where he con- verted many to the faith. Towards the close
of his life, being old, he resigned the bishopric and became a monk of Clairvaux where he lived four years, and died a holy death. Hence he has been numbered by some writers among the saints of the Cistercian order.

Source:”The Glories of Mary”by St.Alphonsus Liguori

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