Spiritual Warfare Meditation~Mary Our Defender

During the seventeenth century beatification process for St.Francis De Sales,one of the Annecy Monastery Visitation nuns made a formal statement about an exorcism she had witnessed.A young man had been possessed by a demon for five years,and the exorcism was being performed in the presence of the relics of St.Francis by Bishop Charles Auguste de Sales of Geneva,who was the saints nephew and successor in the Episcopal see.

According to her report,during one of the sessions the demon shouted furiously,”Why should I leave?”

One of the visitation nuns present,perhaps frightened,invoked the Blessed Virgin,”Holy Mother of God,pray for us!”

On hearing those words the demon screamed even more loudly:”Mary!Mary!There’s no Mary for me!Dont say that name;it makes me shudder!If there were a Mary for me,as there is for you,I wouldn’t be what I am!But for me there is no Mary!If I had just one instant of the many [instants] that you people waste ….!Just One lone instant,and a Mary,and I wouldn’t be a demon!”

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