Jesus Reveals His Love For The Poor Souls To St.Gertrude

On one ocassion as the community over which St.Gertrude presided,recited the Great Psalter for the souls of the faithful departed,the Saint prepared herself for Holy Communion,and prayed for these souls with great fervor.She then asked Our Lord why this Psalter was so acceptable to Him,and why it obtained such great relief for the souls,since the immense number of psalms which were recited and the long prayers after each caused more weariness than devotion.Our Lord replied:”The desire which I have for the deliverance of the souls makes it acceptable to Me,even as a prince who had been obliged to imprison one of his nobles to whom he was much attached,and was compelled by his justice to refuse him pardon,would most thankfully avail himself of the intercession and satisfaction of others to release his friend,thus do I act toward those whom I have redeemed by My death and Precious Blood,rejoicing in the opportunity of releasing them from their pains and bringing them to eternal joys.””But” continued the Saint,”is the labor of those who recite this Psalter more acceptable to Thee”?He replied,”My love renders it most agreeable to Me;and if a Soul is released thereby,I accept it as if I had been Myself delivered from captivity,and I will assuredly reward this act at a fitting time according to the abundance of my mercy.”Then she inquired:”How many souls are released by these prayers?”He answered:”The number is proportioned to the zeal and fervor of those who pray for them”.He added:”My love urges Me to release a great number of souls for the prayers of each religious.”


A short offering which may be made each morning for the souls in Purgatory:

O my God,deign to accept my every thought,word,and action as a loving petition to Thy mercy on behalf of the suffering souls in Purgatory,particularly ______________.I unite to Thy Sacred Passion the trials and contradictions of this day,which I purpose to bear with patience,in expiation for the sins and infidelities which retain Thy children in the purifying flames of Purgatory.Amen.

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