Angels on Guard

Angels On Guard

And Elisha prayed,”O Lord open his eyes that he may see”.Then the Lord opened the servant’ eyes,and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of Fire all around Elisha.

~2 Kings 6:17~

Bill,his wife and their two children were vacationing at Big Bear Lake in California near Apple Valley.His wife was cooking on the open fire,and Bill took several photos of the family gathered around it.Then he read the Bible,asking God to protect them and give them a safe vacation.In a moment,however,their peaceful surroundings were shattered by six men on motorcycles,who seemed to roar out of nowhere.One pulled a gun demanding that the stunned family put their billfolds and purses on the ground.Terrified,they did so,and Bill in his haste,dropped his camera, too.

All of a sudden as quickly as they came,the men seemed to be stricken with fright.Leaving the family’s belongings on the ground,they turned,ran for their motorcycles,and sped off.Why had they gone so suddenly,leaving behind the items they intended to steal?

Confused but relieved,Bill’s family gave thanks to God for sparing them from a terrible ordeal,then went on to enjoy the rest of their vacation.It was not until they arrived home and had their phones developed that they saw what the bikers had apparantly seen that night.

One of the photos clearly shows the form of a white clad angel patiently standing watch over the family as they sat around the fire.


Myra worked for a Teen Challenge Christian Ministry and since it was located in a rough part of the inner city,she was concerned for the teens who had shown interest in receiving Christian counsel.It was difficult for them to visit the center because on the streets just outside,a group from one of the local gangs reportedly harassed them.For a short while each evening,Myra was alone at the center,and the gang bothered her as well,banging on the door and shouting obscenities.

One night when the gang appeared,Myra suddenly inspired to tell them about Jesus.Knowing the danger,she first prayed for guidance.Yes she felt sure she had heard the Lord correctly.She opened the door and walked outside.

The gang moved around her,and keeping her voice steady,she spoke to them about Jesus.

Instead of listening to her,however the gang shouted threats of drowning her in the nearby river.Trying to appear calm,Myra walked back through the door of the center and shut it.They didn’t follow her.

The next evening the thugs were back,once again banging on the door and threatening her life.Still believing she should try and reach out to them,Myra breathed a prayer to Jesus.”Lord,let your angels come with me and protect me”,she murmured.

Then she opened the door and was about to speak when the gang members suddenly stopped their shouting,turned to one another and left silently and quickly.Myra was surprised.Why had they gone?

The gang did not return for several days.Then one afternoon,to the surprise of everyone,they entered the center in an orderly fashion.Much later,after a relationship of trust had been built with them,Louis Torres the owner of the center asked them what had made them drop their threats against Myra and leave so peacefully that night.

One young man spoke up.”We wouldn’t dare touch her after her boyfriend showed up.That dude had to be seven feet tall”.

“I didn’t know Myra had a boyfriend,” replied Louis thoughtfully.”But at any rate she was alone here that night”.

“No,we saw him”,insisted another gang member.”He was right behind her”.

“He was big as life in his classy white suit”.

~Excerpt from “Where Angels Walk” by Joan Wester Anderson~

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