St.Padre Pio and the Our Lady of Fatima pilgrim statue

It has been told that Padre Pio prayed daily to a pictured shrine of Our Lady of Fatima within his San Giovanni Rotundo monastery. In 1959 a Pilgrim Virgin Fatima statue visited Italy. At the same time of this visit, Padre Pio became seriously ill and was diagnosed with a fatal cancerous tumor.

On August 6, 1959 the statue arrived at San Giovanni Rotundo. Padre Pio prayed before the statue and kissed Her feet. After the statue left the monastery by helicopter, Padre Pio said, “ Oh Mother of mine, when you came to Italy you found me sick. You came to visit me here and I was suffering and now you have not delivered my from my illness.”

As Padre Pio pleaded his prayer a miracle occurred. The helicopter flying high above the monastery with the statue circled the building three times. The pilot would later say that he could not explain why. At the same instant that the helicopter circled, Padre Pio felt a shudder immediately run through him. His body was penetrated with a ray of light and he felt the tumor gone.

Padre Pio cried out, ”I am healed. Our Lady of Fatima has healed me. “ Padre Pio later wrote,” Thank the Virgin of Fatima for me. On the very day She left here, I felt well again. “ Three days later, he was celebrating Mass.

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