Transform Me O Jesus

Transform Me O Jesus….

Transform me into yourself,O Jesus,that I may be a living sacrifice and pleasing to you.I desire to atone at each moment for poor sinners.The sacrifice of my spirit is hidden under the veil of the body;the human eye does not perceive it,and for that reason it is pure and pleasing to You.O my Creator and Father of great mercy,I trust in You,for You are goodness itself.Souls,do not be afraid of God,but trust in Him,for He is good and His mercy is everlasting

O Jesus,how sorry I feel for poor sinners.Jesus,grant them contrition and repentance.Remember Your own sorrowful Passion.I know your Infinite mercy and cannot bear it that a soul that has cost you so much should perish.Jesus,give me the souls of sinners;let your mercy rest upon them.Take everything away from me,but give me souls.I want to become a sacrificial host for sinners.Amen

~Prayer based off the Diary of St.Faustina

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