Mary Our Help in Battle

Mary is the distinguished and bright shining Star,lifted up above this great broad sea,gleaming with its merits,giving light by her example.

If you’re caught in between storms and tempests,tossed about in the flood of this world,instead of walking on dry land,keep your eyes fixed on the glow of this Star,unless you want to perish,overwhelmed by the tempest!

If the winds of temptations surge,if you run aground on the shoals of troubles,look to this Star,call upon Mary!If you’re tossed by the winds of pride or ambition or destruction or jealousy,look to this Star,call upon Mary!

If anger or greed or the allurements of the flesh dash against the boat of your mind,look to Mary!And if your troubled by the enormity of your sins,ashamed by the foulness of your conscience,terrified by the horror of Judgement Day,so that you begin to be swallowed up in the pit of sadness,the abyss of despair —think of Mary!

In dangers,in straits,in perplexity,think of Mary,call upon Mary.Let her name be always in your mouth and in your heart.And if you would ask for and obtain the help of her prayers,don’t forget the example of how she lived.

If you follow her,you won’t go astray.If you pray to her,you won’t despair.If you think of her,you won’t be lost.If you cling to her,you won’t fall.If she protects you,you won’t fear.If she’s your guide,you won’t grow weary.If she’s favorable to you,you’ll reach your goal.

~St.Bernard of Clairvaux

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