30 Day Devotion for the Holy Souls in Purgatory~Day 6 

Holy Abandonment

 “He wholly followed the Lord.” 

~JOSHUA 14: 14

Father Hubert writes in The Mystery of Purgatory: Abandonment requires us to rest in Jesus in all the circumstances of our life, without exception, and it has its foundation in divine love. This love appeals to faith and confidence. The more perfectly we endeavor to practice abandonment, the more lovingly and freely we allow God’s love to search out and purify, as by fire, the nooks and crannies of our self-love. This life of abandonment is a kind of purgatory on earth and bears resemblance to life in the true purgatory. This expiatory rest in the midst of trials obtains eternal rest for the holy souls in purgatory. By generously opening to the purifying and maturing influence of divine love in the restful purgatory of abandonment in this life, and by offering for the holy souls the sufferings experienced in that abandonment, we alleviate their pains and may by doing so avoid purgatory after our own death. These silent sufferers plead with us to expiate their failures to rest in Our Lord during their lifetimes by us resting in Him now, in our own lives, through the practice of holy abandonment. The more generous our endeavors to rest in Jesus in the earthly purgatory of abandonment with the intention of helping the holy souls, the more efficacious becomes that sacred rest for them and for ourselves. The happy repose of abandonment through love purifies and matures our own souls, and it is a fitting expiation for the souls in purgatory. 

Begin today to follow Our Lady. Abandon yourself to God!

Graciously hear, O God, the fervent prayers we offer Thee for the suffering souls in purgatory, who, not having satisfied Thy justice, confide in Thine infinite mercy and our intercessions. Extend unto them Thy consolations, and redeem them, through Christ our Lord. Amen. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

 “The soul’s true life and repose are to abide in God.” 


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