30 Day Devotions for the Holy Souls~Day 2 

Benefits of Devotions to the Holy Souls

“Keep yourselves in the love of God;wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ into eternal life”

~Jude 1:21

The saints have understood this devotion well throughout the history of the Church.There seems to be not a single chosen soul upon whom the Lord has not impressed His desire that every possible spiritual help be given to the souls of the departed.

This charity,issuing into a lifelong dedication to the souls in purgatory,dilates the heart with love for God,and for our neighbor on earth and in purgatory.

“Entirely centered in God,the love embodied in devotion to the Holy Souls purifies the affections of the mind and heart”,writes Ladislaus Boros,S.J.,in Pain and Providence.”It confers on its clients a most loving awareness of the nearness of the Holy Souls,the severity of their sufferings,the tremendous urgency for our prayers,the eloquence of their silence,the intensity of their love,the purity of their worship,the grandeur of their patience,the majesty of their gifts,and the greatness of their destiny.Our intercessions are never too late,even if we are praying decades after death,since God by his very nature knows no before and after.For God is all present.

This devotion helps us to see the Holy Souls through Our Lord’s eyes,with His love,justice and mercy.The love that inspires the Apostolate of purgatory dares to imitate even the charity of God himself.It is filled with Jesus,with His Spirit,with His work,with His peace,and with His victories.

Jesus is so greatful for the charity shown to His blessed souls that He cannot help anticipating for their Helpers in this life,a certain measure of the rewards of eternity.

Meditate today on the importance of the Holy Souls to Our Lord.

Graciously hear O God,the fervent prayers we offer Thee for the Suffering souls in purgatory,who not having satisfied Thy justice,confide in Thine infinite mercy and our intercessions.Extend unto them Thy consolations,and redeem them through Christ Our Lord.Amen.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,and let perpetual light shine upon them.May they Rest In Peace.Amen.

It is charity that gives unity to all the virtues that make a man perfect”

~St.Alphonsus Liguori 

~Excerpt:”Thirty Day Devotions for the Holy Souls in Purgatory”by Susan Tassone 

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