Marian Saturdays 

Did you know there are 52 approved Marian apparitions?For my own personal sanity I made the decision to only give credence or even study any apparitions that are approved.This came about because of bad experiences I’ve had in relation to apparitions that I later found out to be false apparitions.There are so many approved apparitions that most of us know nothing about which is such a shame.Ive also found that the study of true apparitions really helps us to see how Our Lady chooses to communicate,who she chooses to communicate her messages through and most importantly what her messages are.Since grade school it’s always stuck out to me that Our Lady always chooses the very poor,the people that everyone else looks down on,the “nobody’s”.

Did you know that when Our Lady appeared at Lourdes that Satan was so desperate to distract from her message that he inspired 70+ false apparitions close to the Lourdes?Fr Phillip Wolfe says the devil can only imitate something real so if there are false apparitions popping up there is a real apparition there as well but wherever there is a real apparition Satan will try to imitate that apparition because he dosent want Our Lady’s message getting out.Of course the reason he dosent want us to hear and heedOur Lady’s   messages is because it will ruin his plans for the church and the world which should make studying Our Lady’s messages our top priority!We’ll be doing just that on Soul of a Carmelite starting on Saturday and continuing for the next year(52 weeks) and I pray you will be touched by the love Our Lady has for us and it will move all of us to heed Our Lady’s messages in our own lives.Being a Carmelite it’s only fitting that we start this series on Our Lady of Mount Carmel.I pray this series gives glory to God and Our Lady and that it is truly a blessing in your life as she has been in mine.Please feel free to share what you learn with your friends so that Mary is better understood,known and loved by others.God Bless!

2 thoughts on “Marian Saturdays 

  1. Oh, what a wonderful idea!! I can’t wait for Saturday!! Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring posts. I recently found you and now I can’t imagine starting my day without reading your blog!!!


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