The Spiritual Life is Like Trying To Climb Glass 

“So, the spir­itual life seems like climbing glass, eh?”
Father Pasquale Cattaneo also gives us a testimony showing Padre Pio’s ability to read hearts. Fr.Cattaneo had received permission from his superiors to visit San Giovanni and to go to confession to Padre Pio. During his bus trip he prepared himself with a good examination of his conscience so as to be ready to make a sincere confession of his sins. With the help of the Holy Spirit he looked into every comer of his soul, and made new promises of amendment. However as the bus going to the Gargano was on the last part of the journey and the town came into view, he ended his examination perplexed thinking: “The spiritual life at times seems like trying to climb glass.”

When he arrived at the friary, he went into the sacristy and told the friar who helped with the confessions that he had come to confess to Padre Pio and afterwards he patiently waited for his turn. When the time came he entered the confessional, greeted Padre Pio and made his confession. After confessing his faults, Padre Pio gave him absolution. He then arose, feeling happy that he had made a sincere confession, when he turned one last time and glanced at the Padre–the Padre smiled at him and with an amused look he wittingly said: “So, the spir­itual life seems like climbing glass, eh?”

Father Pasquale was flabbergasted and couldn’t seem to utter a word, but from then on he was absolutely convinced that Padre Pio was enlightened by the Holy Spirit to guide souls.

Thus it is a very unusual truth that P. Pio could at times perceive what his spiritual children were thinking, even without them giving explanations to him.

(Testimony of Fr. Pasquale Cattaneo, Fiera di Primiero, Italy, July 31,1988)

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