The Devil of Drugs 

Did you know that the leading cause for death in the United States for people under 50 is now drug overdose?The police are overwhelmed by the epidemic of drug use and abuse that dosent discriminate between the poor or the wealthy,between professionals or blue collars.Exorcists have warned us that there is an alarming rise in demonic possessions and demonic oppression.What better way for the devil to have complete control over a person and their lives than by snaring them in the cycle of alcoholism and drug addiction?I have a friend whose husband is an alcoholic and I’ve watched the pain it has caused her over many years.The alcoholism has sucked so much joy out of their life and marriage.The husband sees that during his alcoholic episodes he hurts his wife and has even hurt their animals and while he feels remorse briefly for his actions he goes right back to doing it.In my work as a medical professional I have seen how alcoholism and drug abuse destroys marriages,families,jobs and lives and I have also seen how the addict will use every excuse in the book to excuse the addiction in order to keep the addiction.Addiction is nothing short of the demonic ruling over a persons life and the following story illustrates this well.

I would like to share a true story of a young man we met at our parish church, some years ago. We fell in love with him and his family. They were a beautiful sign in the church. You could see how much they loved one another and the Lord. We would see them at Mass, every Sunday. He attended Legion of Mary meetings. He and his wife went on a Marriage Encounter weekend. Whenever you saw him, he had a Bible under his arm. We began to invite him and his family over to the house after Mass or after some of the meetings at church. One Saturday, he and his wife were at our home helping price gifts for the Octoberfest, a fund and fun raising get-together the church had once a year, to help finance our school. I went into the kitchen. I heard the young man confiding to Bob, “I was an alcoholic for twelve years.” I held my breath. This gentle, loving, holy young man, an alcoholic? He went on, “I went to work every day; My boss considered me one of his best and most dependable workers. At night, I would come home, sometimes not even eat and begin to drink until I passed out on the couch. I was never physically or mentally abusive to my wife and children. But, now I know I was hurting them; because, by withholding love, giving it to another love, my alcohol, I was depriving them of life-giving love. One night, I fell into my usual stupor on the couch. It seemed this night would be like all the other 365 nights in each of the twelve years of my drinking, with me sleeping it off, awakening the next morning, going into work, with no one the wiser.

“But tonight was to be different. I shot up from the couch. There was someone there! As I focused my eyes, before me was a creature, not man not beast. He was hideous! I trembled, as I asked him who he was. He introduced himself, ` I am the devil of drugs!’ As he described all his powers, bragging he was the mightiest and the deadliest of the fallen angels, he became more and more grotesque. ` I break up marriages. I kill. I cause men and women to cheat and steal. I am responsible for most infidelity. Suicide is a specialty of mine. Age is no barrier against my advances. When I take over in a life, there is no love a person would not give up for me.” The young man was crying, as he went on, seeing in his life, how completely he had turned away from all he held dear for this false mistress. He told Bob, he cried out, with all the strength, he could muster, “I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus Christ!” And the fallen angel of drugs and destruction, disappeared. 

He shared that not only had he not had a drink from that day to this, almost ten years later, but he has never desired a drink. Are we defenseless? Are we alone? Do we cry out, with Saints Paul and Augustine: “What happens is that I do, not the good I will to do, but the evil I do not intend… This means that even though I want to do what is right, a law that leads to wrongdoing is always at hand…” And then when we feel like we are going down for the last count, we feel a surge of energy and we are up and fighting the good fight, running the race and finishing it and all for the Glory of God.

Source:”All about the angels” by Bob and Penny Lord 

Prayer for an alcoholic or drug addict 

Lord Jesus, I put myself into Your hands this day. I ask You with all my heart to cure the terrible addiction to alcohol in (name the person).

Create in them an intolerance for alcohol that will prevent them from ever offending those who love them again.

And grant their loved ones the grace to forgive them for all the hurt they have caused.

Through the Divine Mercy and Blood of Jesus, I also pray that they will be healed of all withdrawal symptoms of this terrible affliction.

I sincerely ask this, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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