Morning Meditation

🌞Morning Meditation☀️



“Wait for the Lord;be strong,and let your heart take courage;wait for the Lord.
~Psalm 27:14

But many times I have neither courage nor patience.

“You have every reason to be frightened when you measure the trial by your own strength,but the knowledge that Jesus never leaves you even for an instant should bring you the greatest consolation.God himself tells us that he is with those who are afflicted and in distress.I will be with them in trouble.He even comes down to dry their tears.Be comforted, then, by the delightful thought that after such pitch black darkness,the beautiful noonday sun will shine”

“Live joyfully and courageously and don’t extinguish the Spirit of the Lord within you”

“Rest assured that the more a soul is pleasing to God,the more it must be tried.Therefore,courage and go forward always.Let us do good while we still have time,and we will render glory to our Heavenly Father,sanctify ourselves and give good example to others”
~St.Padre Pio~

Lord,when I’d rather not worry because it seems you’re not doing anything,when I’d rather hide from my troubles and fears than face them,grant me patience to wait for you,and courage to stand up to trials.Amen.

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