10 Commandments For the Business Men

Principles given by St.Bernadine of Siena to the professional men of his time.



10 Commandments for the Business Men

  1. Do not sell for a higher price or purchase for a lower price than the law permits
  2. Never trade in a way that may harm the State, or put your personal interest above the public good;
  3. Sell your goods at the same fair price to both foreigners and your countrymen; to the simple and ignorant as well as the clever and learned;
  4. Do not charge a higher price for those whose payments are late;
  5. Use accurate weights and measures;
  6. Respect contracts and make payment on the dates when they are due;
  7. Do not trade on Sundays and holydays of obligation;
  8. Choose a pious and learned confessor;
  9. Avoid lying, false oaths, duplicity, and all types of fraud;
  10. Do not stay away from your wife too long [on business trips].
(in Osservatore Romano,
French weekly edition of October 23, 1959, p. 3)

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