Morning Meditation

st john cantius

🌞Morning Meditation☀️

Christmas All Year

“When they saw that the star had stopped,they were overwhelmed with joy.On entering the house,they saw the child with Mary his mother;and they knelt down and paid him homage.Then,opening their treasure chests,they offered him gifts of gold,frankencense and myrrh”
~Matthew 2:10-11

Soul:I’d Like to stay with Mary beside her Son’s crib,but except during each Christmas season,I dont experience the Christ child’s presence

“Our Lord loves you,and he loves you tenderly.And if he dosent always let you feel the sweetness of this love,he does this in order to render you more despicable and humble in your own eyes.You should not fail,however,for this reason,to turn to his goodness with every confidence.Because what was his purpose in taking on this loving condition of a child,if not to provoke our loving him with confidence,and to lovingly confide in him?

“Stay very close to the crib of this most beautiful child…Have a great love for this heavenly child,respectful in the familiarity you will gain with him through prayer,and totally delighted in the joy of feeling the holy aspirations and effects of belonging totally to him”

~St.Padre Pio~

Lord,lead me each day to a closer relationship with you,and help me to appreciate your coming among us as a little child.Amen.

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