Morning Meditation


🌞Morning Meditation☀️


“a glad heart makes a cheerful countenance”
~Proverbs 15:13

Soul:But how can I look and act cheerful when darkness shrouds my heart?

“You must be strong and cheerful in spirit,for the Lord is in the depths of your heart”
“Keep cheerful and dont be discouraged”
“Never permit your soul to become sad to live with a sad scrupulous spirit because Jesus is the spirit of sweetness”
“Let us show ourselves to be worthy children of such a great Father.Jesus also invites us to climb Calvary with him,so let us not refuse.Ascending the painful mount with Jesus will be a joy for us.In the course of life,mortifiations will not be lacking for us either.Let us love them;let us embrace them with a cheerful soul,and let us always bless the good God in everything”
“I thank the Lord that despite the fact that…I suffer moments of real anguish,I am invariably cheerful….”
“Meanwhile I cast myself trustfully into the arms of Jesus,then let whatever he has decreed take place,and he must certainly come to my aid.”
~St,Padre Pio

Jesus,take me in your arms and do as you will.Dwell in me,and let your peace and cheerfulness permeate my heart.Amen,

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