Morning Meditation

🌞Morning Meditation☀️
“Above all,clothe yourselves with love,which binds everything together in perfect harmony”
~Colossians 3;14
Soul:But how am I supposed to love when all I want to do is strike out at the world and everyone in it for all the injustice,turmoil and pain?
“Grow always in christian love and never tire of advancing in this which is the queen of all virtues.Consider that you can never grow too much in this most beautiful virtue.Love it very much.Let it be more than the apple of your eye,for it is truly most dear to your divine Master…Oh,yes,let us greatly esteem this precept of the divine Master,and all difficulties will be overcome.
“The virtue of love is exceedingly beautiful,,and to enkindle it in our hearts the Son of God.The Son of God was pleased to come down himself from the bosom of the eternal Father,to become like us in order to teach us and make it easy for us,with the means he left us,to aquire this most eminent virtue.
“Let us ask Jesus insistently to give us this virtue,and let us make greater and greater efforts to grow in it.Let us ask this,I repeat at all times and more than ever…”
~St.Padre Pio~
Lord,give me the grace to continually grow in love.Show me how to let go of frustration,anger and all that keeps from love.Amen.

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