Morning Meditation


­čî×Morning Meditation­čî×

God’s Care For You

“Cast all your anxiety on him for he cares for you”
~1 Peter 5:7

But when I take a close look at myself,I see only sin and weakness,and I cant believe that God would want to help me.

“Think no more of your past life,except in order to admire the Father’s goodness which…did not want to reject you,but rather with great care,wished to overcome your hardness and,winning over with his grace,wanted and wants to demonstrate this power over you”

“Place all your cares in God alone because God cares greatly for you”

“Let us consider Jesus’ love for us and his concern for our well being,and then let us be at peace.Let us not doubt that he will invariably assist us with fatherly care against all our enemies.If we were left to ourselves to remain on our feet,we should never be able to do it.At the first breath of air we should fall down and certainly have no hope of rising again.”

“….How many times does he not stretch out his hand to us to arrest our headlong dash towards the precipise?How many times,when we had abandoned him,has he not readmitted us to his loving embrace?”
~St.Padre Pio~

Lord,help me to remember that you love me more than I can imagine,and that, despite my sin and weakness,you always want to help me.Amen.

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