The Miracle of Orleans 

The day after Les Tourelles fell what English that still remained around Orleans deserted their entrenched positions and joined together in an open field in a line of battle. Joan led her forces out to oppose the English. As both armies stood face to face neither parties made a move especially the French soldiers who were under orders from Joan not to attack since the Sabath day was Holy though they could defend themselves if attacked. As time went on Joan ordered the Priest since it was Sunday that Mass be held and for the French soldiers to receive Communion. As the French soldiers recieved Communion the still formidable English Army who also still held the castle and was in a much better position to fight than the French surprisingly left the field and Orleans giving it to the French. It was considered a Miracle by all witnesses and a another confirmation that God was on France side. When informed that they were leaving the battlefield and hearing the Army’s desire to attack Joan said “In Gods name, they are going. Let them go, while we give thanks to God and pursue them no farther, since today is Sunday.”

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