The Thief and a Little Girl’s Guardian Angel 

Many people know of angelic interventions only in relation to emergency situations, as for example in street accidents. But the holy angels concern themselves even more with our spiritual well-being, though we do not always recognize their loving solicitude. In the following story, both dimensions of their solicitous help are united.

On August 16, 1936, a thief paid a “visit” to the owner of a leather factory, Herman Moebius, who lived in a small town on a lake in Germany. Herman’s four year old daughter, Helga, was sleeping in the nursery. The thief, Frederick Metzler, who had already been arrested several times for stealing, entered through the back garden, climbed up onto the balcony and entered the window on the second floor of the home. He broke into a desk and two cabinets, and looted a few jewels of no particular value. Suddenly, little Helga stood before the thief in her pajamas.

“What are you doing?” the child asked. (This is what the thief later recounted to the police.) “I’m looking for the jewels that your Mommy must have somewhere around here.” “Mommy’s jewels?” repeated the little girl. “They are where Daddy keeps his money.” “And where does your Daddy keep his money?” “I’m not going to tell you,” answered the little one, “I bet you’re a thief!” Then the thief shook the child by the shoulders and threatened, “If you don’t tell me where your Daddy keeps his money, I’ll slit your throat!” “You aren’t allowed to do that,” said little Helga. “Oh yeah! Why can’t I do it?” “My Guardian Angel won’t let you.” “And where do you have your Guardian Angel, huh?” Helga led the thief into her small nursery and pointed to the picture of the Guardian Angel on the wall. “I always pray to him,” the child remarked. Then the thief felt his eyes moisten. There rose up in him memories of his own childhood, memories of his mother who had died so long ago… Hadn’t he also had such a Guardian Angel hanging over his poor little cot?

“Okay,” said the thief and left the room. He kicked aside with disdain the pile of stolen jewels which were ready to be packed up. Then he climbed down from the balcony back into the garden, without having taken anything with him. At that point, he was overtaken and arrested by the police. Only later was Metzler’s explanation confirmed by the testimony of the child and by the abandoned loot.

(From Rev. A.M. Weigl, Schutzengelgeschichten, Grignion Verlag, Altötting, p. 64 ff.)

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