Living Holy Week through the Visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be there at different parts of Jesus and Marys life?We meditate on the mysteries on the rosary and we meditate on what we envision it was like.God chose a very special soul to experience and witness through visions exactly what it was like from Marys birth all the way through to her death including Jesus’passion.This very special chosen soul was Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and through her we can walk Calvary through her visions as witnesses to what it was really like.Ive always been really drawn and devoted to the passion of Jesus so if God granted me only one thing I would have loved to have been there on Calvary with Jesus.One year for Lent I decided to read the passion of Jesus according to the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and it changed my life forever.That Lent was so emotional because of these visions and I cried from Ash Wednesday to Easter.Before reading her visions I really didn’t love praying the rosary because it was hard for me to mediate on the mysteries because I don’t really have much of an imagination.After that Lent I looked forward to meditating on the mysteries of the rosary and the mysteries seemed far too short.Not only did I gain an intense love for the passion of Jesus but also a love for the Sorrowful Mother.Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich gets very detailed in her vision in all aspects….she describes these scenes in such vivid detail that you really feel like your there!It is such an incredible blessing that we have these visions from Blessed Catherine.She was privledged to see these amazing events but she also experienced the pains of Jesus’ passion through her body and soul.This chosen soul suffered so intensely that if it were not for God sustaining her she would have died several times over!

This Holy Week I want to once again walk Calvary with Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and I hope my readers will do the same.I will be posting all her visions concerning the passion and they are quite long so I’m breaking them up into multiple posts so I will be posting a lot just as a fair warning.I encourage you to pray to the Holy Spirit before reading these and asking him to open your heart and help you to absorb these beautiful visions.Read these in a quiet room with a lit Blessed candle and after reading them take a few minutes to just be quiet thinking about what you’ve read and experienced and than pray for the graces you need to be the saint you were created to be while at the same time giving God profound thanksgiving for suffering through his cruel passion just so YOU could be with him in heaven!Have a blessed Holy Week!

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