Act of Supplication to Obtain the general pardon of sins 



O my omnipotent God, Who art infinite in all Thy admirable attributes, but art especially rich in compassion, and art ever urged by that love of Thine, by which Thou so liberally grantest what we humbly and with lively faith petition for; Who art also faithful—–oh, yes, most faithful—–in fulfilling Thy promises, I, Thy miserable creature, in order to obtain the grace of a general pardon of my sins, and the supply of all my other necessities, declare my firm belief that Thou art able, and art willing, and knowest how to grant me so great a grace. And, together with this faith, I hope with a most firm reliance, efficacious desire, certain confidence, and unhesitating trust, that Thou wilt grant it to me. With this true and firm confidence, which I repose in Thee and in Thy promises, I hope and wish for this perfect pardon, this very moment in which I am humbly beseeching it, in which I am here sighing that my soul may be purified from all the stains of my grievous sins. These sins I abominate and detest from pure love of Thee, and because they are opposed to Thy supreme perfection and goodness. 

My God, my God, be moved to compassion. I ask of Thee with a holy courage, founded on the infinite merits of my Lord Jesus Christ, which merits through Thy great loving kindness have become mine, that Thou wouldst permit me to apply to my soul the grace of a thorough and intimate pardon of my sins; I ask it, and I trust indeed to get the grace which I ask. And since a grace so glorious as that of the pardon of sin tends and is ordained to Thy greater glory, as well as the spiritual good of my soul, I believe, I trust through Thy most loving fidelity, justice, omnipotence, and benignity, that Thou dost will, even at this very time, to grant it me; while I, as Thy poor creature, do hereby accept of it, and with my whole will take it to myself for pure love of Thee. O my God, before Whose face I stand, I protest that I am determined never more to sin, and I most humbly beseech Thee that now, having granted the general pardon of my sins, Thou wouldst chain all evil spirits in the depth of the abyss, so as never more to have the courage nor the power to draw away either me or others from Thy Divine service. 

See me now, my dearest God, free, as I hope, from the bonds of my hateful sins. Animated by this sweet hope, I trust to live and die in the arms of Thy Divine compassion. That compassion I will invoke every moment. Every moment I mean that this blessed petition for pardon of past sin, and for help never more to sin, shall be renewed; my will and wish is that it should go on forever, my mouth uttering from my heart those most sweet words: 

O my Jesus, compassion! Compassion, O my Jesus! 

I wish to live with these blessed words upon my tongue, and to die with these holy words stamped upon my heart. I wish to say them a hundred, and a thousand times a day. 

Compassion, O my Jesus! O my Jesus, compassion! 

2 thoughts on “Act of Supplication to Obtain the general pardon of sins 

  1. Thank you for providing this holy site of Gods Mercy, I am in need of much mercy as I have sinned greatly with such ease. Your stories and prayers are helping me to be a better Catholic, see in black and white what I need to change with Gods grace, some things I had never thought about, but now armed with this knowledge I can change, for love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Our Lady and my Guardian Angel. God Bless all of you who work on this site, I pray your words reach millions more, who like me need to change their lives and stop being com placement. Thank you dear friends in Christ.


    • Rita,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.I feel exactly how you feel….I too have so much growing to do,so many changes I realize I need to make but it’s by Gods mercy and grace that we see these weaknesses in ourselves and it’s also grace that we have the desire to change.Im so thankful my site is helping you grow closer to God because that my whole mission with this site.God Bless You!


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