A Terrible Car Accident and The Angel 

Late one evening I was driving home from a Bible study at a local Catholic Church in the city of Sacramento, California. As I approached the street on which I lived, I started making a left-hand turn; halfway through the turn I was hit by another car which had run the red light. I was not wearing my seat belt, so during the car crash I was thrown about. Suddenly, I felt someone holding me down, keeping me from flying out of the car window! Finally, the vehicle came to rest in the middle of the street. The thought came to me “get out of there before the gas tank blows!” By then I was in complete shock. I reached my hand and touched the car door and it “flew open”. I jumped out of the car and fell down. I was taken to the emergency room. I had blood in my mouth and on my clothing. After a careful examination, no injuries could be found either in or on my body. I was treated for shock and sent home. I remained in bed for several days.
A few weeks later I located my car in a nearby wrecking-yard. The attendant asked if I was the driver of the car—I told him I was. He looked absolutely amazed! He showed me the car; it was totally destroyed! He asked me, “How did you get out of this car?” I told him I opened the door and got out. “Impossible!” he declared. “Look! that door is completely caved in. No one could have opened it!” Then the Scripture passage in the book of Acts came to mind where the Angel rescued Peter from jail, leading him out through a closed gate which opened by itself at the approach of the Angel. I know for sure that my Guardian Angel rescued me from injury and harm or even a possible death during the car crash!

~ Joseph G

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