Gems from St.Gemma Galgani

Oh Love, oh infinite Love! Your love, oh Lord, penetrates even to my body, with too much fury. When, when will I unite with You, oh Lord, Who with such forceful love keeps me in union here on earth? Do it, do it! Let me die, and die of love! What a beautiful death, oh Lord, to die a victim of Love, a victim for You!

Calm down, calm down oh Jesus; if not, your Love will end up burning me to ashes! Oh, Love, Oh infinite Love! Oh Love of my Jesus!

I shall love You, I shall love You always; when day breaks, when evening turns into night, at every hour, at every moment; I shall love You always, always, always.

Oh Jesus, how are You doing in my heart? In the narrow cell of my chest in love with You, tell me, oh Jesus, how are you doing there?…….Oh Fire always burning, without ever dying down, if only You would let all of me go up in flames? Would You let this fire perfect me? Oh Jesus…Oh Love! My life, my sustenance, my strength!

Oh Jesus, how are You doing in the narrow cell of my heart? Are You alright? Expand my chest, because it is no longer enough to contain You….Jesus, allow me to pour out my affections with You…

I would willingly give every drop of my blood to please Him and to prevent sinners from offending Him.

What do You wish, oh Jesus? My life? It is Yours…..I have already offered it to Thee. Would You be pleased if I offered it again as a victim in expiation for my sins and those of all sinners? If I had a hundred lives I would give every one of them to Thee.

“It is true Jesus, if I think of what I have gone through as a child and now as a grown up girl I see that I have always had crosses to bear; But oh! how wrong are those who say that suffering is a misfortune!”

Let me embrace You, heavenly Bridegroom, source of all my consolations. Who am I, to speak so boldly with You? It is true, I am Your creature, but I am bad; It is true that I was made by Your hands, and those very hands, oh Jesus, I pierced with nails….

I got going to late, Jesus, in coming to You…..I found You, Jesus….I found You…I call You, I invoke You, because I am sure. -But where are You? Where are You hiding? I can smell Your presence. Give me wings, Jesus, to fly to your house in heaven.

To you the Saints, oh Jesus, and the humble of heart. Not me , oh Lord. To all the spirits and all the souls of the just; not me, oh Lord. To you all the inhabitants of heaven, not me….may they all give You infinite praise and thanks! But me too, me too, oh Jesus….Yes, I a vile and unworthy sinner desire to love You with a unique love. Help me, You who are my strength. Fire, Fire in my heart! This morning it is burning!….Words in my mouth….May I be able day and night to meditate on Your glory and love You continuously. Impure are my lips, impure my entire self. I need You: That You cleanse me of every stain. Sanctify me, oh Jesus. May Your memory, Your sweetness keep my soul always united to You. Make me pass from the visible to the invisible, from earthly things to the heavenly.

“It is an easy love, oh Jesus, to love someone that never gets angry with those who offend Him. Many times I have seen, oh Jesus, that while justice demands that I be punished, You take steps to prevent this punishment, even to have it withdrawn. I have found a Jesus so infatuated with my heart that he knows not how to embitter it…..He wants everything for Himself in reparation for my sins. It is almost a lucky break for me to have been born a sinner, because the veins of my Lord are always open, full of that Sacramental Blood!”

Oh, my God! What would You wish to do, my compassionate Jesus? Would You wish to make all Your merits mine; apply to me everything that is Yours? And can there be a heart that will not let itself be taken over by so much charity? Can there be a soul that will not let itself be won over? Can there be a will that will not let itself be ravished by You?

Oh, my soul, how much longer do you wish to be so stingy with Jesus? Why so negligent towards Jesus who made You? Why so lazy towards Jesus who redeemed you? Who do you want to love, if you do not want to love Jesus?

“He asked me if I loved Him. I wept, for you know, Father, whom I have loved more than Jesus. I have loved myself, and often times creatures and pleasures. What could I answer to Jesus? I wept for a long time, and that was my reply. It is Jesus alone whom I should love, and I have never loved Him as I should.”

“When I shrink from suffering, Jesus reproves me and tells me that He did not refuse to suffer. Then I say ‘Jesus, Your will and not mine’. At last I am convinced that only God can make me happy, and in Him I have placed all my hope…”

“Fire! Fire in my heart! This morning it is burning……Dear Jesus, I love you so much! I shall endeavor always to love You; I shall live to love You; I shall die to love You!

….Give me wings oh Jesus, so I can fly to Your throne!”St Gemma Galgani -June, 1902

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