Time In Purgatory 

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, a great friend of the Suffering Souls, mentions souls that were in Purgatory for centuries.

Padre Pio was asked how long a particular soul would stay in purgatory he replied “At least one hundred years.

Father Rossignoli relates in his Merveilles du Purgatoire. A painter of great skill and otherwise exemplary life had once made a painting not at all conformable to the strict rules of Christian modesty. It was one of those paintings which, under the pretext of being works of art, are found in the best families, and the sight of which causes the loss of so many souls. Soon, however, renouncing this pernicious style, he confined himself to the production of religious pictures, or at least of those which were perfectly irreproachable.Finally, he was painting a large picture in the convent of the discalced Carmelites, when he was attacked by a mortal malady. Feeling that he was about to die, he asked the Prior to allow him to be interred in the church of the monastery, and bequeathed to the community his earnings, which amounted to a considerable sum of money, charging them to have Masses said for the repose of his soul. He died in pious sentiments, and a few days passed, when a Religious who had stayed in the choir after Matins saw him appear in the midst of flames and sighing piteously. “What!” said the Religious, “have you to endure such pain, after leading so good a life and dying so holy a death?” “Alas!” replied he, “it is on account of the immodest picture that I painted some years ago. When I appeared before the tribunal of the Sovereign Judge, a crowd of accusers came to give evidence against me. They declared that they had been excited to improper thoughts and evil desires by a picture, the work of my hand. In consequence of those bad thoughts some were in Purgatory, others in Hell. The latter cried for vengeance, saying that, having been the cause of their eternal perdition, I deserved, at least, the same punishment. Then the Blessed Virgin and the saints whom I had glorified by my pictures took up my defense. They represented to the Judge that the unfortunate painting had been the work of youth, and of which I had repented; that I had repaired it afterwards by religious objects which had been a source of edification to souls. In consideration of these and other reasons, the Sovereign Judge declared that, on account of my repentance and my good works, I should be exempt from damnation; but at the same time, He condemned me to these flames until that picture should be burned, so that it could no longer scandalize anyone.” If such are the consequences of an immodest picture, what then, will be the punishment of the sill more disastrous scandals resulting from bad books, bad papers, bad schools, and bad conversations?

Pope Innocent III died July 16, 1216. The same day he appeared to St. Lutgarda in her monastery at Aywieres, in Brabant. Surprised to see a specter enveloped in flames, she asked who he was and what he wanted. “I am Pope Innocent’, he replied. ‘Is it possible that you, our common Father, should be in such a state?’ ‘It is but too true. I am expiating three faults which might have caused my eternal perdition. Thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary, I have obtained pardon for them, but I have to make atonement. Alas! it is terrible; and it will last for centuries if you do not come to my assistance. In the name of Mary, who has obtained for me the favor of appealing to you, help me.’ With these words he disappeared. Lutgarda announced the Pope’s death to her sisters and penitential works in behalf of the august and venerated Pontiff, whose demise was communicated to them some weeks later from another source.”

St. Louis Bertrand’s father was an exemplary Christian, as we should naturally expect, being the father of so great a Saint. He had even wished to become a Carthusian monk until he learned that it was not God’s will for him. When he died, after long years spent in the practice of every Christian virtue, his saintly son, fully aware of the rigors of God’s Justice, offered many Masses and poured forth the most fervent supplications for the soul he so dearly loved. A vision of his father still in Purgatory forced him to intensify a hundredfold his suffrages. He added most severe penances and long fasts to his Masses and prayers. Yet eight whole years passed before he obtained the release of his father.

St. Malachy’s sister was detained in Purgatory for a very long time, despite the Masses, prayers and heroic mortifications the Saint offered for her!

It was related to a holy nun in Pampluna, who had succeeded in releasing many Carmelite nuns from Purgatory, that most of these had spent there terms of from 30 to 60 years! Carmelite nuns in Purgatory for 40, 50 and 60 years! What will it be for those living amidst the temptations of the World and with all their hundreds of weaknesses?

Carmelite nuns in Purgatory for 40, 50 and 60 years! What will it be for those living amidst the temptations of the World and with all their hundreds of weaknesses?

St. Vincent Ferrer, after the death of his sister, prayed with incredible fervor for her soul and offered many Masses for her release. She appeared to him at length and told him that had it not been for his powerful intercession with God, she should have remained an interminable time in Purgatory.

In the Dominican Order it is the rule to pray for the Master Generals by name on their anniversaries. Many of these have been dead several hundred years! They were men especially eminent for piety and learning. This rule would not be approved by the Church were it not necessary and prudent.

What will happen to those who neglect the Holy Souls?


St. Antoninus, the illustrious Archbishop of Florence, relates that a pious gentleman had died, who was a great friend of the Dominican Convent in which the Saint resided. Many Masses and suffrages were offered for his soul. The Saint was very much afflicted when, after the lapse of a long time, the soul of the poor gentleman appeared to him, suffering excruciating pains.

“Oh, my Dear Friend, ” exclaimed the Archbishop, “are you still in Purgatory, you who led such a pious and devout life?”

“Yes, and I shall remain there still for a long time, ” replied the poor sufferer, “for when on Earth I neglected to offer suffrages for the souls in Purgatory. Now, God by a just judgment has applied the suffrages which have been offered for me to those souls for whom I should have prayed. ”

“But God, too, in His Justice, will give me all the merits of my good works when I enter Heaven; but first of all, I have to expiate my grave neglect in regard to others. ”

So true are the words of Our Lord: “By that measure with which you measure, it will be measured to you again. “

Jesus,Mary,I love Thee!Save Souls

“There is a beautiful supplication, a quick prayer that our Lord gave to Sister Maria Consolata Betrone. It says- ‘Jesus and Mary, I love Thee. Save souls.’ It is very simple, but oh it carries a lot of weight.” (Mother M Angelica)
Jesus went on to say “I do not call you for more than this: act of continual love”, Sister Consolata began to thus repeat this one prayer, over and over again, during all her waking hours, in every form of work as she went about her daily duties. For it was Christ himself, who instructed her in the practice of what He called the “unceasing act of love” expressed in the words- “Jesus, Mary, I love Thee! Save souls!”
Concerning this prayer, our Lord said, “Tell me, what more beautiful prayer do you want to offer me? —‘Jesus, Mary, I love Thee! Save souls!’— Love and souls! What more beautiful prayer could you desire? Think, One act of love can determine eternal happiness for a soul. Therefore, be careful never to omit one ‘JESUS, MARY, I LOVE THEE, SAVE SOULS:’ Lose no time-every act of love is a soul.”
Words of Our Lady: “Only in paradise will you realize the value and the fruitfulness of saving souls. The act of love is especially meritorious as one of reparation.”

“One JESUS, MARY, I LOVE THEE, SAVE SOULS atones for thousands of blasphemies.”
“Put together all victuous acts of today that you can perform, and put them beside a day uninterrupted in acts of love – and I will take the love-filled day in performence to anything else you have done of offered Me. “JESUS, MARY, I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS:-Here with you offer Me everything.”
“Remain true to this act of love, and renew it from hour to hour, and I will grant you everything, Consolata.”
“Consolata, I will lead you to all heights of love and suffering, but repeat always: JESUS, MARY, I LOVE THEE, SAVE SOULS: Nothing more.”
“I prefer one act of love to all other prayers. 

“JESUS, MARY, I LOVE THEE, SAVE SOULS” includes all – the souls in purgatory as those in the militant Church, the guilty and the innocent, the dying, the godless. Fear not: On the day you die, you will have reached the summit and finished your last act of love that Jesus wished from you, when He called you as a Victim of Love.” “JESUS, MARY, I LOVE YOU, SAVE SOULS” (300 days indulgence)

Morning Meditation 

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On Teaching of Truth

Persons who are taught by truth and not by symbols or deceitful words are really blessed and happy,for they learn truth in itself.Our own opinions and lack of knowledge often leads us astray,because we do not know the truth as it is.

What good will it do us to learn many things,the knowledge of which will not help us on judgement day,nor hurt us if we do not know them?It is foolish not to learn those things which are necessary for us and to waste our time on those that merely satisfy our curiosity and hurt us in the end.For if we do so,we have eyes but cannot see.

What need have we to be concerned with unessentials?He to whom the Eternal Word (Who is Jesus) speaks is freed of useless opinions.From the Word all things proceed and all creation cries out that He is God the same Who is the Beginning Who speaks to us.No one can understand the truth nor make right judgements without Him.Only those to whom all things are One,may be strong in heart and rest peacefully in God.

O my God,you are Truth;unite me to Yourself in perfect Love.I am so weary of all I read and see,for only in you is all that I will or can desire.Let all the learned be silent in Your presence and let all creatures be still and do You,Lord,alone speak to my soul.

The more we are united within ourselves and are joined to you in the simplicity of our hearts,the more effortlessly we understand the deep things,for the light of understanding comes to us from above.A pure,simple and stable heart is not bogged down by a multitude of tasks because it does all for the honor of God,and since it is not self seeking,it is not eager to follow its own will.

An unmortified spirit is your greatest hindrance.Good and devout people first plan inwardly the works they are to do outwardly;in this way they are not led to evil inclinations,but bend their wills to the rule of right reason,Who has a greater struggle than those who labor to overcome themselves?This should be our daily labor:self conquest,so as to make steady progress in the spiritual life.

There is no absolute perfection in this life,for there is always some imperfection attached to it;likewise there is no knowledge in this world that is not mixed with some ignorance.Therefore,a humble self-knowledge is a surer way to God than a search after deep learning.

It is not wrong to pursue learning,for since it comes from God it is good as far as it goes;but it is far better to have a clean conscience and lead a virtuous life.Because some prefer to be learned than to be virtuous,they make many mistakes and produce little to no fruit.

If only people would use as much energy in avoiding sin and cultivating virtues as they do in disputing questions,there would not be so much evil in the world,nor bad example given,nor would there be so much laxity in religion!

On the day of judgement we will not be asked what we have read,but what we have done;neither will we be asked how well we have spoken,but how devoutly we have lived.Where are all the Doctors and learned people who were famous in their day?They are now supplanted by others.In their lifetime they enjoyed fame,but now they scarcely remembered.

How quickly the glory of this world passes,with its deceptive pleasures!If only their life had been on a par with their learning,then all their study and reading would have been to a good end.Many there are who care little for a good life in the service of God,because they give themselves to useless pursuits.They prefer to be great in this world than to be humble,and therefore their illusions go up in smoke.

Those who abound in charity are truly great;and those are also great who are little in their own estimation and regard all worldly honors as nothing.How wise are those who look upon worldly pleasures as dung in order to gain Christ.They are truly learned who forsake their own will to follow the will of God.

~The Imitation of Christ~

Why All Souls Are Not Created Equal in Grace


Jesus Explains to Saint Thérèse Why All Souls Are Not Created Equal in Grace

Thérèse often pondered the fact that there is such a disparity between souls, some of whom are blessed to live their whole lives as great saints, while others are deeply flawed and continuously fall along their journey. She wondered how the smaller, flawed souls could be assured of Heaven, since they were much weaker than the greater souls. This saint, who believed herself to be one of the deeply flawed souls, prayed fervently to be enlightened on the subject, and described her enlightenment in her autobiography: “[Jesus] opened the book of nature before me, and I saw that every flower He has created has a beauty of its own, that the splendor of the rose and the lily’s whiteness do not deprive the violet of its scent nor make less ravishing the daisy’s charm. I saw that if every little flower wished to be a rose, Nature would lose her spring adornments, and the fields would no longer be enameled with their varied flowers. “So it is in the world of souls, the living garden of the Lord. It pleases Him to create great saints, who may be compared with the lilies or the rose, but He has also created little ones, who must be content to be daisies or violets, nestling at His feet to delight His eyes when He should choose to look at them. The happier they are to be as He wills, the more perfect they are. “I saw something further: that Our Lord’s love shines out just as much through a little soul who yields completely to His Grace as it does through the greatest. True love is shown in self-abasement, and if everyone were like the saintly doctors who adorn the Church, it would seem that God had not far enough to stoop when He came to them … What delights Him is the simplicity of these flowers of the field, and by stooping so low to them, He shows how infinitely great He is. Just as the sun shines equally on the cedar and the little flower, so the Divine Sun shines equally on everyone, great and small.
Thus, though Saint Thérèse of Lisieux is one of the roses of Our Lord’s garden, her encouragement for all souls, especially the least, is of the greatest value to those of us who despair that we will never rise above our own lowliness. On the contrary, St. Thérèse teaches us that we should not dwell on our faults and imperfections, but instead recognize and rejoice in our smallness, for this condition will surely get us to Heaven if we persevere.

Morning Meditation

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“Wait for the Lord;be strong,and let your heart take courage;wait for the Lord.
~Psalm 27:14

But many times I have neither courage nor patience.

“You have every reason to be frightened when you measure the trial by your own strength,but the knowledge that Jesus never leaves you even for an instant should bring you the greatest consolation.God himself tells us that he is with those who are afflicted and in distress.I will be with them in trouble.He even comes down to dry their tears.Be comforted, then, by the delightful thought that after such pitch black darkness,the beautiful noonday sun will shine”

“Live joyfully and courageously and don’t extinguish the Spirit of the Lord within you”

“Rest assured that the more a soul is pleasing to God,the more it must be tried.Therefore,courage and go forward always.Let us do good while we still have time,and we will render glory to our Heavenly Father,sanctify ourselves and give good example to others”
~St.Padre Pio~

Lord,when I’d rather not worry because it seems you’re not doing anything,when I’d rather hide from my troubles and fears than face them,grant me patience to wait for you,and courage to stand up to trials.Amen.

10 Commandments For the Business Men

Principles given by St.Bernadine of Siena to the professional men of his time.



10 Commandments for the Business Men

  1. Do not sell for a higher price or purchase for a lower price than the law permits
  2. Never trade in a way that may harm the State, or put your personal interest above the public good;
  3. Sell your goods at the same fair price to both foreigners and your countrymen; to the simple and ignorant as well as the clever and learned;
  4. Do not charge a higher price for those whose payments are late;
  5. Use accurate weights and measures;
  6. Respect contracts and make payment on the dates when they are due;
  7. Do not trade on Sundays and holydays of obligation;
  8. Choose a pious and learned confessor;
  9. Avoid lying, false oaths, duplicity, and all types of fraud;
  10. Do not stay away from your wife too long [on business trips].
(in Osservatore Romano,
French weekly edition of October 23, 1959, p. 3)

St.Vincent de Paul~Patron of Charitable Societies

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St. Vincent de Paul was born to a poor peasant family in the French village of Pouy on April 24, 1581. His first formal education was provided by the Franciscans. He did so well, he was hired to tutor the children of a nearby wealthy family. He used the monies he earned teaching to continue his formal studies at the University of Toulose where he studied theology.

He was ordained in 1600 and remained in Toulose for a time. In 1605, while on a ship traveling from Marseilles to Narbone, he was captured, brought to Tunis and sold as a slave. Two years later he and his master managed to escape and both returned to France.

St. Vincent went to Avignon and later to Rome to continue his studies. While there he became a chaplain to the Count of Goigny and was placed in charge of distributing money to the deserving poor. He became pastor of a small parish in Clichy for a short period of time, while also serving as a tutor and spiritual director.

From that point forward he spent his life preaching missions to and providing relief to the poor. He even established hospitals for them. This work became his passion. He later extended his concern and ministry to convicts. The need to evangelize and assist these souls was so great and the demands beyond his own ability to meet that he founded the Ladies of Charity, a lay institute of woman, to help, as well as a religious institute of priests – the Congregation of Priests of the Mission, commonly referred to now as the Vincentians.

This was at a time when there were not many priests in France and what priests there were, were neither well-formed nor faithful to their way of life. Vincent helped reform the clergy and the manner in which they were instructed and prepared for the priesthood. He did this first through the presentation of retreats and later by helping develop a precursor to our modern day seminaries. At one point his community was directing 53 upper level seminaries. His retreats, open to priests and laymen, were so well attended that it is said he infused a “Christian spirit among more than 20,000 persons in his last 23 years.”

The Vincentians remain with us today with nearly 4,000 members in 86 countries. In addition to his order of Vincentian priests, St. Vincent cofounded the Daughters of Charity along with St. Louise de Marillac. There are more than 18,000 Daughters today serving the needs of the poor in 94 countries. He was eighty years old when he died in Paris on September 27, 1660.He had “become the symbol of the successful reform of the French Church”. St. Vincent is sometimes referred to as “The Apostle of Charity” and “The Father of the Poor”.

His incorrupt heart can be found in the Convent of the Sisters of Charity and his bones have been embedded in a wax effigy of the Saint located at the Church of the Lazarist Mission. Both sites are located in Paris, France.

Two miracles have been attributed to St Vincent – a nun cured of ulcers and a laywoman cured of paralysis. As a result of the first, Pope Benedict XIII beatified him on August 13, 1729. Less than 8 years later (on June 16, 1737) he was canonized by Pope Clement XIII. The Bull of Canonization recognized Vincent for his charity and reform of the clergy, as well as for his early role in opposing Jansenism.

It has been reported that St. Vincent wrote more than 30,000 letters in his lifetime and that nearly 7,000 had been collected in the 18th century. There are at least five collections of his letters in existence today.

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On Having a Humble Opinion of Oneself

Knowledge is a natural desire in all people.But knowledge for its own sake is useless unless you fear God.An unlearned peasant,whose contentment is in the service of God,is far better than the learned and the clever,whose pride in their knowledge leads them to neglect their souls while fixing their attention on the stars.

True self knowledge makes you aware of your own worthlessness and you will take no pleasure in the praises of others.If your knowledge encompasses the universe and the love of God in not in you,what good will it do you in God’s sight?He will judge you according to your own actions.

An overweening desire for knowledge brings many distractions and much delusion.Many like to be considered learned and to be praised for their wisdom;how much knowledge there is which adds nothing to the good of the soul.To spend yourself on worldly pursuits which do nothing to further your eternal salvation is unwise.

It is useless to spend much time in talking;only a holy life and a good conscience will ease your mind and satisfy your soul,enabling you to face God with confidence.

Remember the more you know,the more severely you will be judged.So do not be proud of any skill or knowledge you may have,for such is an awesome responsibility.No matter how much you know,realize how much there is that you do not know.Do not be afraid to acknowledge your own ignorance.

Why have an exalted opinion of yourself when you know there are many,even in your own field,whose knowledge surpasses yours?If you want to learn anything worthwhile,seek rather to be unknown and to be thought as nothing.

Nothing is so beneficial as a true knowledge of ourselves,which produces a wholesome self contempt.Always think kindly of others,while holding yourself as nothing;this is true wisdom and leads to perfection.If you see another commit a grevious sin,or whose faults are flagrant,do not regard yourself as better,for you do not know what you would do if similarily tempted.You are in good disposition now,but you do not know how long you will persevere in it.Always keep in mind that all are frail,but none so frail as yourself.
~The Imitation of Christ~